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Special needs bicycle

HUGBIKEยฎ is a bicycle designed with a new way of conceiving the classic tandem

On traditional tandem bikes the driver sits at the front, directing the vehicle through his handlebar, while the passenger sits at the back. On the HUGBIKEยฎ things get switched: the person at the back seat, thanks to long curved handlebars, is the one who actually directs the bike! In addition, thanks to the protection provided by the driverโ€™s arms, this particular posture ensures greater SAFETY, especially if the passenger is a special needs child or an elder.

Hugbike is particularly suitable for riders with autism, Down syndrome, learning difficulties, sight loss, etc.

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Jury Chechi
Olympic Champion

It is a wonderful project because this bike can bring excitement and comfort even to people with disabilities. This bike gives everyone the chance for a pleasant ride, creating an important opportunity for a personal and social inclusion.

Marco Varisco
President, XI di Marca

XI di Marca brings together a group of friends, entrepreneurs and sport aficionados with two common goals. The first one is to sustain no profit organizations of the near territory with funds and fund raising actions. Second one is to raise peopleโ€™s social awareness. Hugbike is one of the most exciting projects we ever worked on, because of itโ€™s innovative sports ideology and because of itโ€™s powerful impact on the aspects of social inclusion and ethical business.

Marzio Bruseghin
Former PRO cyclist

Hugbike, with its simplicity and uniqueness, is brilliant and touching!

Technical data


HUGBIKEยฎย ALU 1.2 – Technical data

Pipes Oversize Alu 6061
Fork Santour amortizedย aluminum disc break prepared
Cranksets 42 X 170 All. C/white disc
Gear Shimano Nexus Inter 7 gears 36 F. Espan. Pign. 18 D
Circles Nepal black aluminum inox spokes 6060T6 26 โ€œ 36
Tyres Rub 26* 1.75 Flash anti-leak tyres
Headset A-head set 1โ€ 1/8 MTB
Brakes Rear. IM45 โ€“ ESP drum brake
Color Ivory white
Weight 21 kg
Wheel base length 150 cm
Measures Rear 46 cm, front 37.5 cm
Included Rear racks
Optionals Front racks, rear view mirror, white seat, kids pedals, electric motor.
Patent n. 002301937-0001 03/09/2013
Trademark HUGBIKE (TV2013C00450) Min. Sviluppo Economico Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi 13/06/2013
Electric Hugbike

Electric Hugbike

HUGBIKEยฎย ALUย VELOCITY – Technical data

Motor 250 W
Battery 36V โ€“ 9A
Display LED light display, starter, 7 speeds
Activation system magnet crankset


What is Hugbike?

Promoted and supported by the fundation Oltre il Labirinto Onlus, which is one of the world leading no profit organizations in the autism field, this bike represents an important project in the social inclusion of disabled people, helping them to become active part of a working environment. Autistic youngsters and grown ups are today assembling personally this wonderful bicycle and soon even other kind of disadvantaged subjects will take part to the project. Our partners also include Banca della Marca, cooperative il Girasole and other important players in the territory.

Why Hugbike

The use of Hugbike is recommended to families who want to ride with their little ones in complete safety. It is also studied for all the other families who otherwise would miss the chance to enjoy a comfortable bike experience.
Hugbike offers you the safety of riding with your kid/ passenger in front, encouraging his self esteem and controlling abilities.

Is Hugbike suitable for subjects with particular syndromes?

Yes, Hugbike is perfect for subjects with Autism, Down Syndrome, Asperger, Fragile X Syndrome, visually impaired or deaf subjects and kids with cognitive disabilities. Also it has been demonstrated that Hugbike might ease tremors of people with Parkinsonโ€™s desease.

Are there any limitations in using Hugbike?

There are no particular limitations. The bike is easy to use and itโ€™s weight doesnโ€™t exceed 177 kilos.ย Hugbike is perfect for both little passengers and adults. There are no height limit restrictions but it is necessary that the rear passenger has a good visual of what is in front of him in order to drive safely.

Who actually pedals with Hugbike?

Both rear and front passenger pedal, in fact they are both connected to the same transmission chain.

Can Hugbike be customized?

Of course, it is possible to install special seats or smaller pedals. Other custom options can be considered by our technical support.

Is it possible to transport Hugbike in a car?

Yes, by removing the front wheel Hugbike may be carried in cars like SUVs, station wagons, vans and pick ups.

โ€œWeโ€™re assisting at some real change in the social behaviour environment, obsolete mindsets are nowadays replaced with new ways of thinking and with the creation of new social and economical values. Partners in this new cooperative represent a new network of projects that gives us hopes and positive feelings for the future. A future in which disabled people can live their lives with the dignity they deserveโ€

Mario Paganessi, General Manager โ€“ Oltre il Labirinto Foundation

The story

HUGBIKEยฎ project has been developed by Fondazione Oltre il Labirinto onlus and involves people with autism who, thanks to the support of a specialized team of operators, are assisted during the whole bike assembling process, giving them the chance to be integrated in a professional working environment.

This project was born from the collaboration with Banca della Marca and cooperative Il Girasole.
A group of youngsters with autism assisted by the Foundation, contributed to the realization of the first prototypes of HUGBIKE. In fact the name HUGBIKE also relates to the ethical side of the project.

Thanks to the support of a specialized team, in this project ASD subjects can find their way towards social inclusion, especially in a working environment.

HUGBIKE was born from the collaboration of disabled subjects, voluntaries and a professional team. This is a beautiful example of a โ€œsocial hugโ€ .