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by Oltremorbido Fumagalli

“Rehabilitation” means leading a person on a path that gives back “abilities”, increasing the interaction ability with the surrounding environment. It means in few words to develop autonomy, self-esteem and social relationships. The aids is an essential tool in this process. Choose a proper aid is also crucial for the stage of relaxation and rest, but before addressing the problem of the choice of an aids, we must put ourselves to few questions: What does the child really need? What do parents need? The answers to these questions allow us to place the basic needs emerging in several broad categories, including: facilitate the transfer and increase the autonomy; facilitate the care and personal hygiene; socialise, communicate. Maintain proper posture and comfort and prevent pain and deformity... Even for moments dedicated to rest!*

* From “The Posture Manual: development age: rehabilitation approach and day life”.

OLTREMORBIDO modular system

For more than forty years Fumagalli is active on the domestic and international markets with products, originally dedicated to children with disabilities that have become a must for all situations where a soft environment for the activities is suggested.

The attention to the children with special needs forced us great care and competence in the design of forms, choice of colors, selection of the most suitable materials for each subject, not to mention the need for a harmonious whole: modularity, different thickness of fillings, upholstery of many kinds to give comfort and different feelings.

Positioning cushions

This special range of cushions has been designed to accommodate children and support them during relaxation phases or floor exercises. Suitable for all ages, the cushions have different shapes and structures to offer different positions and arrangements, modelling themselves in the physiotherapist’s or mother’s hands and adapting to the part of the body that needs to be supported.
When the child is sitting or lying down on the bed or mat for exercises, these pillows enable suitable postural positioning in the most comfortable way possible, always ensuring that injuries are prevented, especially when a prolonged position is required.
They are made with a polystyrene microbead filling in a stretch fabric elastic lining, highly breathable and above all very pleasant to the touch, also ideal for children who like to sink their face into the pillow. The amount of micro-granules contained in the padding of these pillows can be further customised by adding or removing part of the padding already present through a strategic opening in the lining.

About Fumagalli

Happlebox is the exclusive distributor for UK and Ireland of Fumagalli's special needs aids and rehabilitation equipment.

Fumagalli – an Italian based company – is in the special needs market since almost the last 40 years. Its mission is the research and development and manufacture of rehabilitation aids and equipment to meet the special needs of people (in particular of children) with severe motor disabilities.

The Person, our values

The design and care for the external appearance of its products is a sign of the interest shown towards other, less tangible but no less significant aspects; interests that meet the demands, expectations and the ``self image`` of the Person for whom the product is intended.

Quality System

The company operates according to ISO 9001-2000 quality system standards in all its divisions, phases and processes. Assessments and tests are particularly strict and severe and are fully managed in-house with the appropriate equipment: load resistance, wear resistance, stability evaluation, checking of the indentation index (for paddings ), verification of material and product contact pressures (with Tek Scan system).

World Group ISO

Today Fumagalli is a member of the WG - World Group ISO - for the research of correct validation methods of anti-decubitus aids. The structured interaction has extended over time to large and well known European companies such as R82, a world leader in aids for children and Handicare (the first company to design and build a tilting posture wheelchair for serious disabilities, imposing on a global level the culture of ``tipping`` to facilitate postural stability). The collaboration goes back to 1985 and this interaction has increased and continues to increase Fumagalli’s competence in these unique and complex areas.