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by Fumagalli

When we consider “aids for a sitting posture” we must first think about the sitting posture itself as well as postural systems. There are essentially two reasons for this: first, children with physical disabilities spend most of the time, if not the whole day, in a sitting posture – it is often the only posture where they can carry out functional activities. Secondly, a sitting posture maintained for long time, without the common postural adjustments made by non-disabled people, can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, generate pain and cause significant secondary damage (pressure sores, muscle-tendon retraction etc.).*

* From “The Posture Manual: development age: rehabilitation approach and day life”.

Mitico Expert


Postural seating system for indoor and outdoor use

Mitico Expert is a postural seating system, suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years. The special seating unit is highly customisable. Mitico Expert accommodates children in a safe and comfortable way all day long, enabling positioning for maximum participation in life around them, at home, at school… or out for a stroll with mum!

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Simply Mitico


Postural seating system for indoor and outdoor use

Simply Mitico is the seating system for children from 3 to 12 years.
The seat is modular and allows extremely precise customisation that enables the supports to be adjusted to the different needs of the child as they grow, tracking their changes in physical and functional abilities.

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Dory is a seat designed for children from 4 to 12 years old who need postural support during recreational or didactic activities. It can be combined with a large desk or with a tray table applicable to the armrests to favor the child’s activities. Dory is a real active system designed to support children with special needs while they are playing or studying.

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Oibò is a stable, comfortable, wooden chair, suitable for children from 2 to 7 years. It is specifically shaped so the seat can be adapted to the child to make him feel safe and “embraced”. Oibò is the ideal solution to enable children with special needs to socialize with their friends, play with them and fully enjoy any situation from kindergarten to school.

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Folding stroller for outdoor use

Pliko is a folding stroller with a extremely simple and fluid closure system, ideal for outdoor use with children with special needs from 2 to 8 years. It is equipped with belts for containment of the trunk and pelvis, with a fast fast locking system, to prevent slippage and maintain the child in a stable and secure position.

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Sit & Play


Soft multifunctional system

Sit&Play is a soft multifunctional system to position a child, from the first months of life, in different postures – sitting, prone, supine or on its side in maximum comfort and safety. The system consists of soft, differently shaped coloured modules to support the child with the required stability to perform various motor functions.

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General features

Our seating systems always grant:



The aid has to be adapted to the real needs of that one child. It has to follow easily the morphological changes and the patient’s growth.



It has to be able to adapt to different daily situations: different heights, tilting, backrest inclination, armrests and footrests adjustment.



It has to be a wide and complete postural system: different frames, headrests, footrests, belts, trays, trunk supports



Removable covers, integrated accessories (sun/rain protection, thermo sack, spare parts).

About Fumagalli

Happlebox is the exclusive distributor for UK and Ireland of Fumagalli's special needs aids and rehabilitation equipment.

Fumagalli – an Italian based company – is in the special needs market since almost the last 40 years. Its mission is the research and development and manufacture of rehabilitation aids and equipment to meet the special needs of people (in particular of children) with severe motor disabilities.

The Person, our values

The design and care for the external appearance of its products is a sign of the interest shown towards other, less tangible but no less significant aspects; interests that meet the demands, expectations and the ``self image`` of the Person for whom the product is intended.

Quality System

The company operates according to ISO 9001-2000 quality system standards in all its divisions, phases and processes. Assessments and tests are particularly strict and severe and are fully managed in-house with the appropriate equipment: load resistance, wear resistance, stability evaluation, checking of the indentation index (for paddings ), verification of material and product contact pressures (with Tek Scan system).

World Group ISO

Today Fumagalli is a member of the WG - World Group ISO - for the research of correct validation methods of anti-decubitus aids. The structured interaction has extended over time to large and well known European companies such as R82, a world leader in aids for children and Handicare (the first company to design and build a tilting posture wheelchair for serious disabilities, imposing on a global level the culture of ``tipping`` to facilitate postural stability). The collaboration goes back to 1985 and this interaction has increased and continues to increase Fumagalli’s competence in these unique and complex areas.