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Postural seat for recreational or didactic activities.
The primary objective of every product manufactured by Fumagalli is to “make the child feel good”. This means that it must accommodate and accompany him during his development and according to his different needs. For these reasons, Dory offers several opportunities for adjustment and customisation, with a wide range of specifically designed accessories: the height adjustment of the seat and table enables correct positioning of the work surface as well as the sitting height with respect to the feet touching the ground, while the adjustment of the armrests, footrest and headrest provides the right supports with regards to each child’s different characteristics and needs, both postural and functional. As Dory can be equipped with different accessories, including postural, the seat, which is very similar to a normal school chair, can become a real posture system comfortable also for children with more complex needs.

Dory is a seat designed for children from 4 to 12 years old who need postural support during recreational or didactic activities. It is an extremely stable and robust seat with soft colored upholstery, pleasant to the touch. It can be combined with a large desk or with a tray table applicable to the armrests to favor the child’s activities. Dory is a real active system designed to support children with special needs while they are playing or studying. The chassis, adjustable in height, is covered with soft but compact padding adaptable to the child’s body. It ensures a comfortable sitting position for long periods; the covering is extremely resistant to the stresses of use, such as scratching or tearing, or after repeated sanitization. The armrests are adjustable in height and the chair can be supplied with a series of restraining supports such as thorax supports adjustable in height and width, restraining side supports for the pelvis, adjustable in width or different kinds of belts for the trunk and / or the pelvis, to enable correct positioning: feeling safe and properly supported, the child will be encouraged to engage in activities!

The chair has been designed to offer the child all the necessary support to make him feel safe and comfortable, thereby encouraging him to develop his skills and to be active. According to the child’s needs, the seat can be completed with restraining supports at chest or pelvic level. A headrest or a backrest extension provides a larger support surface.

Dory can be completed with a height adjustable footrest or postural items for the lower limbs, an abductor and postural restraining belts. When the child’s body is restrained he feels safer carrying out activities with his friends. All types of postural support belts can be hooked onto the seat.

To facilitate activities and the use of Dory, the seat can be integrated with a removable tray whose shape provides correct and very stable support to the upper limbs – it can be directly hooked onto the armrests. Alternatively, a shaped floor-standing table, height and tilt adjustable, can be added. Pirouetting wheels equipped with brakes facilitate the handling and repositioning of the seat.


  1. Solid and very stable frame adjustable in height; armrests in soft foam and adjustable in height to suit the child’s needs.
  2. Padded with a soft but strong foam that does not lose its elasticity even after many years of use.
  3. Lining in special OM fabric, waterproof, stainresistant, non-toxic (phthalate-free), particularly pleasant to the touch, can remain intact and waterproof even after heavy strain.
  4. Backrest and seat are fitted for the attachment of positioning belts and other accessories to enhance postural containment and facilitate seating, helping the child during his activities.
  5. Dory ensures great stability, even when the child leans on the platform during transfers!




Available Colours


blue – violet – green – orange

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