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Mitico Expert

Postural seating system for indoor and outdoor
All children have a right to live and express themselves as freely and safely as they can; they should always feel comfortable and “at home”, helped and supported by the aids that accompany them in their daily experiences. This is why Mitico Expert is designed to be customisable in every detail according to the child’s size and abilities; to give support and a feeling of “wellbeing” at every moment of the day, indoors or out, at school or at home when mum is reading a story. Fully experiencing every situation, sharing and engaging with emotions as part of growing up: Mitico Expert is not just a postural sitting system that meets postural rehabilitation requirements, but is also the meeting point between child, mother and caregiver, facilitating each child’s growth.

Mitico Expert is a postural seating system, suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years.

The special seating unit is highly customisable with no tools even when the child is already seated. The seat is combined with different bases to suit the different needs of child and family.

The Dentro and High Low frames are adjustable for height and tilt. The Fuori outdoor frame is compact in size to enable indoor use too. Through the supplied basic modules, the seat allows for adjustment of the backrest height, depth and width of the seat, height and angle of the armrests to suit the child’s body shape; using additional modules you can get even more personalised seating.

The side supports for the pelvis are adjustable for angle and can accommodate any possible asymmetries. The front part of the seat has separate coxal-femoral supports, independently adjustable both in the anterior-posterior direction and transversely, to enable suitable positioning even with problems relating to unusually-proportioned lower limbs or pelvis deformity, and for classic asymmetrical pelvic obliquity positions.

The seat with divided footrest enables positioning of each foot with independent adjustment in height, feet apart, and for flex-extension, pronation and supination, and internal/ external rotation. The angle of the backrest, with its fulcrum close to the body’s fulcrum, together with the tilting frame, enables comfortable and reassuring overall postural alignment, which also facilitates head and trunk control, movements of the upper limb and hand-eye coordination, stimulating active participation in the activities around the child.

Numerous accessories and different outdoor and indoor frames complement the seat to make a partner for life: Mitico Expert accommodates children in a safe and comfortable way all day long, enabling positioning for maximum participation in life around them, at home, at school… or out for a stroll with mum!

The angle of the backrest, with the fulcrum close to the physiological one ensures that the trunk supports do not move as the backrest reclines.
The contact points of the body remain stable and therefore ensure that support is maintained as well as it was originally set up.

The coxal-femoral supports are independently adjustable for front to back, lateral and tilt movement, even with the child already seated and without the use of tools.
Adjustments if major asymmetry or dysmetria is present prevent the onset or aggravation of harmful postures and maintain comfortable abduction of the lower limbs, avoiding the use of a traditional abduction block.

The range of hip femoral supports with independent adjustment and tilting seat give stability and counteract the sliding forward of the pelvis.
A suitable selection of belts, specially designed for Mitico, helps to improve stability and comfort.

Mitico Expert has been designed to ensure complete customisation: the ability to adjust the different daily settings directly while the child is sitting, using screws on the seat or a single Allen key (supplied), and the pre-installed provision for fitting accessories create a truly “modular” system, which can be suited to each individual child’s need.

The universal seat attachment allows the chair to be placed on any frame in the Mitico range.



The “Dentro” indoor frame is easy to handle and move even in tight spaces. It is adjustable for height by a hydraulic foot pump, safe and easy to use, and allows you to adjust the chair tilt via the gas piston. The height of the seat goes from 38 cm to 52 cm; the X-shape makes it easier for people to get closer to the child.


The “High Low” indoor frame can bring the seat down to 23.5 cm from the ground to facilitate the child’s activities with other children, or up to a height of 60.5 cm.

Height and tilt are controlled by gas pistons.


The “Fuori” outdoor frame has special features. Although the frame is for outdoor use, as it is equipped with rear wheels a full 30 cm in diameter, with central brake actuated by the push handle and with shock absorbers, it nevertheless is of a very small size. The X shape makes it easy to approach the child. Tilt adjustment is made with a crank system, smooth and safe even on uneven surfaces.

The Fuori outdoor frame also allows for easy movement indoors


Mitico, why so effective? Because it is specifically designed in every detail to meet the children’s needs, track their growth and enable them to develop their ability to fully enjoy every situation and moment of life. The system is modular, consisting of a backrest adjustable for height, depth and tilt and a special seat with extremely precise and stable containment of the pelvis and adjustments for width and length. The front part of the seat is divided in two: two guides with padded supports, independently adjustable for width and for abduction/adduction, allow appropriate positioning of the lower third of the femur with, therefore, great postural containment especially in particularly complex situations, such as in case of major dysmetria of the lower limbs or deformity from rotation of the pelvis (e.g. pelvic obliquity). Mitico has been designed to facilitate daily activities and above all to enable the child to maintain the most appropriate posture depending on the situation. All necessary adjustments can be carried out directly while the child is sitting, using screws mounted on the structure or a single Allen key (for platform adjustments). Specific research was carried out to select the production materials: for the seat frame a particular type of aluminium, highly versatile, lightweight, and extremely strong; for the soft padding, silicone hollow fibre contained in a breathable fabric, antibacterial and water-repellent or

optionally in a soft microfibre, to provide a comfortable contact and enable long-term sitting without the risk of sores (the hollow fibre silicone allows the passage of plenty of air and the correct dispersion of the contact pressures). A pad of viscoelastic gel, a low-memory material that allows the absorption of the kinetic energy of any involuntary movement, is fixed between the padding and the seat frame. All the padding is easily removable and washable and is designed to be fixed to the frame with ease, even with special customisations on the seat, for example, when wedges of different shapes (made in a adaptable material that can be easily cut to size) increase support in the different positions assumed by the child. The padding conforms to each curve of the surface, thus maintaining all the benefits of the customisation. The armrests are in soft rubber and adjustable for height and tilt. They follow the tilt of the backrest and allow the various trays to be fitted directly into the internal structure of the armrest, so that the child is not at risk of being injured by any external metal hooks. The frame is equipped for the addition of all the accessories in the Mitico range designed for customisation of the seat. Different belts can be fixed, and everything is carefully designed and arranged to be hooked to the frame without the need for other components.


  1. The chassis includes all fittings for the accessories. Headrests, footrests, leg supports and belts complete the Mitico range to meet the various postural needs of the child. If used indoors, Mitico Expert is supplied on the DENTRO or HIGH LOW frames. Each frame enables tilting of the seat, both forward and backward; the DENTRO and HIGH LOW frames can raise or lower the height of Mitico as the child prefers, so that they can observe and be part of the situations around them.
  2. Simple and immediate adjustments with the child already seated thanks to the hand wheel on the seat or a single Allen key (supplied) to fit each child’s daily requirement.
  3. Customisable wedges for postural control and greater containment where most needed.
  4. Backrest adjustable for height, depth and tilt, with fulcrum matching the body’s fulcrum to allow more functional and comfortable extension of the trunk.
  5. Padded trunk support, independently adjustable for height and width, to give more support and hold the child as if in their mother’s arms.
  6. Seat depth adjustable for width and abduction (also asymmetrically) to accompany the child’s growth, potential changes, and to cope with asymmetry problems of the lower limbs or in structural deformities of the pelvis.
  7. Independent adjustment for width and angle of the side supports for stabilisation and containment of the pelvis, to help the child with trunk control.
  8. Backrest interface made in compact viscoelastic material to offer comfort, stability and absorb the kinetic energy of involuntary movements. A cushion ensures stable and comfortable sitting for long periods under the padding of the coxal-femoral support.
  9. Padding in silicon fibre, a breathable material that alleviates contact pressure and is easy to clean (machine washable).
  10. The covering can be in a special breathable, water repellent and antibacterial fabric, or in a soft and durable microfibre, comfortable and warm to the touch.
  11. Armrests in soft moulded foam, in a special ergonomic shape, with slots for the tray or the bumper bar directly incorporated within the structure.


From the beginning, the Mitico ACCESSORIES range was designed in conjunction with the seating system to expand the options for adaptation and for stimulation of the child’s capabilities; over the years, it has evolved to meet the needs expressed by its users and it still continues to be adapted to requests, to keep the product up to date and looking good! Today Mitico Expert is available with upholstery in different colours and in two versions: in a breathable fabric, water repellent and antibacterial, and in soft microfibre, pleasant to the touch. The upholstery also covers the rear side to avoid contact with the metal. All upholstered parts can easily be removed and washed or replaced, to keep the product looking brand-new at all times. The Mitico accessories range consists of several models that complement the product with supports and restraints for different body segments, from the headrest to the footrest, and different frames for indoor and outdoor use. Each accessory is designed to match the seat, which has slots to mount them and adjust them to fit the children’s needs.