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Chair for activities and games
Thanks to its accurate design, which from the beginning was focused on children’s smiles, Oibò stands out from all other seating systems for children with special postural needs for its playful look, which is still maintained with all the accessories mounted: at home, like at school, Oibò is the chair that makes you ... smile

Wooden seat designed for small children, stable, comfortable, fun to look at, suitable for children from 2 to 7 years. Made of natural and totally non-toxic materials, quickly adjustable, it is specifically shaped so the seat can be adapted to the child to make him feel safe and “embraced”. Oibò is the ideal solution to enable children with special needs to socialize with their friends, play with them and live every situation fully, from nursery school onwards. The chair has been designed with a wooden structure, shaped to provide the maximum support and simultaneously granting the child freedom of movement for continuous postural adjustments, with the highest safety and stability. The seat is covered with a soft colored fabric lining, pleasant to the touch and easy to sanitize, padded with soft, comfortable and durable foam. The various options for the seat customization have been designed to adapt the chair to the postural needs of each child, accompanying him both in the morphological changes typical in the developmental age and in his “functional” changes, to allow him to move from a more active and dynamic position to a more relaxed one.

Shaped forms, designed to facilitate the child during all his movements, “warm” materials to the eye and touch and colors. Everything has been designed to create a small armchair for little people, attractive as a game and almost as comfortable as mother’s arms.

The chassis is very stable and robust and enables some adjustments to adapt the chair to the child’s dimensions during growth and the evolution of his capabilities.

The possibility to add a small tray and some postural accessories makes Oibò an ideal chair for young children who want to play with their friends.




  1. Natural, robust materials to guarantee high resistance even during the wildest of games!
  2. Easily adjustable, some adjustments are possible even with the child sitting in the chair.
  3. The chair has slots in which to insert the accessories for increased postural control.
  4. The wooden frame is adjustable in height, width and tilt of the seat, inclination of the backrest and tray height.
  5. The Oibò seat is made from soft and very resistant foam covered by a lining in special OM fabric, waterproof, stain resistant, non-toxic (phthalate free) and particularly pleasant to the touch.


Available colours for padding

blue – violet – green – orange

Dimensions & Weights

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