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Folding stroller for outdoor use
Fumagalli has created a partnership with Peg Perego to create a fast and agile stroller, able to carry around even kids with special needs: the high-tech structure of Peg Perego, folding in one move, it is completed with a seating system Fumagalli, soft and cozy, with all the arrangements necessary to give your child the proper containment and make him feel safe.

Pliko is a folding stroller with a extremely simple and fluid closure system, ideal for outdoor use with children from 2 to 8 years. lts modern, light and handy look (even with the maximum load of 25 kg!) hides some necessary features to customize even the posture: the special padding, in fact, allows the insertion of pads and wedges at the points where the child requires support and containment. Pliko is equipped with belts for containment of the trunk and pelvis, with a fast fast locking system, to prevent slippage and maintain the child in a stable and secure position. The frame is made of aluminum, lightweight and very durable, perfect for everyday use. Pliko can be completed by some functional accessories, such as rain capes and soft thermosack winter cover that allow the child to feel warm and protected even during the worst weather!

Very strong and agile frame even with maximum load, foldable in one move, lightweight (only 9 kg!) and easy to store in the trunk of the car.

It is covered with a soft and comfortable pad, made with breathable fabrics and easily washable, available in different colors.

Pliko allows a good posture thanks to its belts, the adjustable headrest and the possibility to place wedges under the padding, where it is most needed. The seat is adjustable in depth and lateral support and the footrest is adjustable in height and flexion-extension.

  1. The chassis integrates postural containment systems to support the child and make him feel comfortable and safe during walks.
  2. The backrest can be reclined until reaching the lying position for the rest and on it a headrest can be placed at different heights, by a Velcro system.
  3. The seat is adjustable in depth with a practical and fast system.
  4. The side supports for the pelvis are padded and very soft, and can be further customized with the inclusion of additional padding which increases the containment.
  5. Belts for containment of the trunk and pelvis; easy to open and close, can be adjusted with the baby sitting and prevent slipping of the pelvis and trunk.
  6. Comfortable padding, breathable and washable, studied in detail with fabrics and inserts functional and practical for the parent, who must manage it every day.
  7. Footrest adjustable in height and flexion-extension of the foot, easily removable.
  8. Smooth running wheels, equipped with central brake; the front wheels are pivoting but, when necessary, may be fixed to walk in a more safe and stable way.
  9. Fast and simple locking system, easy to carry without hindrance in the movements of the mother.
Easy tilting system to rest position


Available colours for padding

blue – orange

Available colours for padding

Pliko data sheet