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Simply Mitico

Indoor and outdoor seating system
The purpose of Simply Mitico is to provide the most appropriate position specifically for each individual child. Each component is customisable, with adjustments for height, width, length and tilt, that keep support and pressure in the best possible locations; the support frames are designed to offer maximum functionality: this lets the child participate actively, while sitting at table level or on the ground with friends, relaxing for a nap or listening to a fairy tale with mum. Stimulating coordination, reflexes, perceptions… Simply Mitico is all of this.

Mitico Expert is a postural seating system, suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years.

The seat is modular and allows extremely precise customisation that enables the supports to be adjusted to the different needs of the child as they grow, tracking their changes in physical and functional abilities.

Simply Mitico is a versatile multifunctional system, designed specifically for those children who need major containment without asymmetry or deformity of the lower limbs.

In the indoor versions the seat is supplemented with indoor frames (the “Dentro” and “High Low” bases), adjustable for height and tilt, while the outdoor version is provided with the “Fuori “frame, which is equipped with wheels for outdoor use, but thanks to the compact size is also suitable for use indoors.

The seat is adjustable for height and depth. The two side supports, adjustable for abduction and tilt, enable width adjustment to enable appropriate positioning of the pelvis, for easier control of the trunk.

The backrest tilt, with its fulcrum close to the hips, combined with the tilting frame, enables the child to get into a comfortable and safe posture, that eases control of the head and trunk, upper limb movements and hand-eye coordination, promoting active participation in activities around the child.
Numerous accessories for head and lower limbs complete the Simply Mitico system.

Simply Mitico is an adjustable seating system, easily customisable to adapt to the shape and the abilities of the child who, with a feeling that they are sitting in a stable and well-contained manner, is encouraged to act and interact. Each adjustment can be made with the child already seated using the practical screws. The seat has the necessary fittings for the addition of other accessories and various models of belt.

The angle of the backrest has its fulcrum close to the physiological one and also enables a comfortable and reassuring postural attitude, thus facilitating control of the head and trunk, movements of the upper limbs, and hand-eye coordination.

The seat attachment is universal and allows the seat to be fixed to each of the frames in the Mitico range.



The Dentro indoor frame is easy to handle and to move even in tight spaces. It is adjustable for height by a hydraulic foot pump, safe and easy, and the chair’s tilt can be adjusted by gas piston. The height of the seat goes from 38 cm to 52 cm; the X-shape makes it easy for people to get closer to the child.


The High Low indoor frame can bring the seat down to 23.5 cm from the ground to enable the child to be active at ground level along with other children, or up to a height of 60.5 cm.

Height and tilt are controlled by gas pistons.


The Fuori outdoor frame has special characteristics. Although the frame is for outdoor use – it is equipped with rear wheels of 30 cm diameter, with central brake actuated by the push handle and with shock absorbers – it has very compact size. The X shape makes it easy to get close to the child. Tilt adjustment is made using a crank system which is smooth and safe, even on uneven ground.

The Fuori outdoor frame also allows for easy movement indoors

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A complete multi-purpose seating system

The system is modular: the backrest is height adjustable and can be complemented with the trunk support to increase containment. The seat is adjustable for width and depth and allows the seat to be adjusted to the child’s femur length easily and accurately; the two lateral supports of the pelvis restraint provide two contact points, which provide proper postural balance. Simply Mitico is the ideal solution for all those children who despite needing substantial containment, do not have particular dysmetria in the lower limbs or structural rotation deformity of the pelvis, for which the Mitico Expert range would be more appropriate.


  1. Backrest adjustable for height, depth and recline angle, with physiological fulcrum to enable more functional and comfortable trunk extension. The back has a fitting for a headrest.
  2. Seat adjustable for depth, with independent adjustment for width and angle of the side supports for stabilisation and containment of the pelvis.
  3. The armrests are height-adjustable at both front and rear to give the child effective support. They are made of soft foam with an ergonomic shape, and have table insertion slots.
  4. Simple and immediate adjustments can be made with the child already seated thanks to practical screws on the system or using a single Allen key (supplied).
  5. The entire seat is covered in a special breathable fabric which is water repellent, antibacterial, removable and easily cleaned; alternatively you can choose a soft lining in durable microfibre.
  6. The padding combines different foams, elastic or selfmodelling, to give comfort and stability. A practical and soft pillow that is removable, washable and replaceable, is placed under the padding, improving comfort, absorbing pressure points and ensuring stable and comfortable sitting even for long periods.
  7. The seat can be complemented with a restraining belt or any other accessory from the Fumagalli range: Simply Mitico has fittings for the attachment of all accessories and belts, creating an integrated system that really suits each child’s needs.

Indoor frames fitted with 4 rotating wheels with brakes, and the ability to tilt backwards and forwards For specific needs, Simply Mitico can be placed on all indoor and outdoor frames in the Mitico range. The frames are extremely manoeuvrable, and are designed to make it easy for a mother to get close to her child. They are equipped with an easily operated parking brake and can be tilted backwards and forwards. The footrest is adjustable for height and tilt. If required, a divided version is also available.


The various configurations of Simply Mitico include the frame and a series of accessories in addition to the adjustable chair. For specific needs, Simply Mitico can be customised with headrestss and footrests.