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Soft multifunctional system
Each component has been carefully designed following “functionality” criteria: fabrics, types of padding in different densities, shapes, colors, each detail has been chosen according to the maximum effectiveness of the proposed psychomotor learning aims, to stimulate the child and to accompany him, through games and colors, to the acquisition of the necessary steps for his harmonious development. Sit&Play is the adventure playmate of a growing child

Sit&Play is a soft multifunctional system for positioning a child, from the first months of life, in different postures – sitting, prone, supine or on its side in maximum comfort and safety. The system consists of soft, differently shaped colored modules to support the child with the required stability to perform various motor functions: grip and eye-hand coordination, front and side support, head and trunk control, head and scapula-humeral girdle straightening reactions, positioning of the hips in abduction, lateral decubitus control, setting up and start of crawling. The soft base mat allows the firm positioning of the different modules to grant the most comfortable support for the child and for the caregiver, at home, in the gym or at school: easy use of the components allows the adult to create different solutions, adapting them very precisely to the child’s needs and enabling the achievement of specifically highlighted psychomotor aims. Cylinders and the inclined plane shaped cushion are made of soft, easily washable microfiber. The “U” shaped sitting support in high-density foam covered in special OM fabric and 2 “butterfly” shaped pillows, in soft lycra filled with microgranules to conform perfectly according to the use required

A modular system composed of different shaped elements which allow the creation of tailored compositions to interact with the child. Able to assume different positions, the child can thus manage to develop some of his capacities.

Very comfortable and practical, thanks to a structure designed to be used at home. A large padded mat to welcome child and adult and which, when not in use, can be used to store all the elements.

Warm materials, pleasant to the touch, chosen for their specific characteristics according to the kind of component: stiffer padding covered by special OM fabric for the wedge that contains and supports the child. Softer padding has been used for the different conformable components covered by a soft layer of hollow fiber within a microfiber cover. Each element is durable and cleanable, ideal for frequent use too.


The system’s various modules can be composed in different ways to achieve different postures which allow the child to feel safe and well supported in any situation. In sitting position, the child leans on the more rigid support, well restrained by the thorax belt. To keep the legs apart one of several available cushions can be chosen, according to the child’s needs. In prone position, the child leans on the inclined plane shaped cushion, which allows the upper limbs to be left free maintaining uniform contact with the rest of the body. To favor a comfortable support, the feet can be placed on one of the longer components. The base mat can also be used to store or transport the entire system, thanks to its practical handles and Velcro straps


  1. The mat has a special system of buttonholes to allow the different components to be firmly fixed.
  2. The modules that make up the system are made of soft easily washable microfiber like the inclined plane shaped cushion (laterally in closed-cell foam and Dacron© in the middle to allow for an even more comfortable support in the prone position), the cylinders in 3 lengths and the wedge abductor (all in high density foam covered with soft Dacron©).
  3. The “U” shaped seat support is made of highdensity foam coated in special OM fabric, pleasant to touch and easy to sanitize.
  4. 2 “butterfly” pillows in soft lycra padded microgranules complete the system to conform perfectly depending on the use for which they are intended.
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