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by Fumagalli

A 12 months child usually begins to stand independently and at 12-18 months the child usually begins to stand and walk alone. At contrary a child with a disability reaches this motor stage even many months later than normal. The causes of this delay may be different, for example the low force on the lower limbs, which are not able to support the weight of the body, or the lack of balance or coordination. Standing is an essential step for the achievement of the next motor stage: walking. If a child is unable to stand independently, it will be difficult for him to walk alone: the walk training must be offered to all those children who have acquired a good ability of head and trunk control*.

* From “The Posture Manual: development age: rehabilitation approach and day life”.


Line of static aids for prone, supine or prone/supine posture

Shifu is a line of postural stabilizers composed of three models: AIR for supine, EARTH for prone and OCEAN for supine/prone. Each model is available in different sizes to suit the needs of different ages, from children to teens to adults. Shifu is designed to to be used even in narrow places and/or stowed away when not in use.

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Stabilizer for erect standing

Robin is a stabilizer for standing posture, available in two sizes for children from 3 to 14 years. Robin enables easy access both from the sitting position (wheelchair) and from the standing position, thanks to the platform situated at a very low level. All adjustments can be made without the use of tools to enable fast and safe settings.

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Stabilizer for erect standing

X-Tend is a stander for erect posture which also allows a prone position graduated from 0° to 50°. The base of the frame has been designed for autonomous ergonomic access, barrier free, to enable the child to approach the stander and position by himself progressively without aid and to facilitate the presence of the assistant during rehabilitation or any other activity.

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Remy is a stabilizer/walker for children from 3 to 10 years old with walking difficulties, designed for learning how to walk mainly in rehabilitation structures, but ideal for home or school as well. Thanks to its particularly playful and colorful design, the child is encouraged to use it as it were a normal, rideable toy.

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The standing position

Why is it definitely important to help and assist the standing position by technical aids?


Trunk support

Once the trunk support is granted and well controlled, the second goal is the standing position


Energy and efforts

CP children usually need huge energy and efforts to stand up and above all to stand upright.


Hold the position

In children affected by CP, Muscles Distrophy, SMA, Spina Bifida, to hold the standing position is very difficult if not impossible, a hard problem to solve for the physioterapists.


Feeling better

Reaching the standing position, means better breathing, right load on the lower limbs that strengthens the bones tissues, better digesting and blood circulation, besides at a good environment integration.

About Fumagalli

Happlebox is the exclusive distributor for UK and Ireland of Fumagalli's special needs aids and rehabilitation equipment.

Fumagalli – an Italian based company – is in the special needs market since almost the last 40 years. Its mission is the research and development and manufacture of rehabilitation aids and equipment to meet the special needs of people (in particular of children) with severe motor disabilities.

The Person, our values

The design and care for the external appearance of its products is a sign of the interest shown towards other, less tangible but no less significant aspects; interests that meet the demands, expectations and the ``self image`` of the Person for whom the product is intended.

Quality System

The company operates according to ISO 9001-2000 quality system standards in all its divisions, phases and processes. Assessments and tests are particularly strict and severe and are fully managed in-house with the appropriate equipment: load resistance, wear resistance, stability evaluation, checking of the indentation index (for paddings ), verification of material and product contact pressures (with Tek Scan system).

World Group ISO

Today Fumagalli is a member of the WG - World Group ISO - for the research of correct validation methods of anti-decubitus aids. The structured interaction has extended over time to large and well known European companies such as R82, a world leader in aids for children and Handicare (the first company to design and build a tilting posture wheelchair for serious disabilities, imposing on a global level the culture of ``tipping`` to facilitate postural stability). The collaboration goes back to 1985 and this interaction has increased and continues to increase Fumagalli’s competence in these unique and complex areas.