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Stabiliser / Walker
Finally, an aid designed to move, play with friends and take the first steps, slowly taking consciousness of their own movements: Remy allows all this with controlled movements, safe and without ever convey to the child the feeling of falling. Remy with the child is the protagonist of his actions and will achieve more and more capacity, safe on his legs to reach friends.

Remy is a stabilizer / walker for children from 3 to 10 years old with movement difficulties, designed for learning how to walk mainly in rehabilitation structures, but ideal for also moving at home or at school thanks to its particularly playful and colorful design, the child is encouraged to use as if it were a normal, rideable toy. The special structure is designed to counteract postures often seen in children with motor difficulties when they are standing with the purpose of walking: falling backwards and crossing their lower limbs during walking. Remy provides the correct front support to stabilize and reassure the child. The abducting saddle hinders the abduction of legs and feet while walking. Adjustments of the supports in height, width and angle are extremely quick and easy to perform, without the use of tools. Remy can be precisely customized so that the child feels well supported, safe, and above all comfortable, thus inviting him to try his first steps and to play and socialize with his classmates. The structure facilitates access from a wheelchair or from another aid ensuring a controlled transfer. All parts in contact with the child’s body are covered with soft padding in highly breathable materials, while the handles are made of rubber, to provide the child with an easy and comfortable grip, even over long periods. The wheels are positioned in such a way that they are not accessible while the child is walking, even if the walk is modified due to complex postural attitudes or reduced leg-bearing capacity.

Remy is a special, colored aid, ideal for use at home as well as in rehabilitation centers: designed for children with movement difficulties, it allows for the progressive learning of how to walk in a playful way!

Remy leaves a child the greatest freedom to learn. He feels safe to experiment, to try the steps, to explore the space around him, to move properly sustained and he can focus on learning, helped by a caregiver or independently.

The stable frame is equipped with various devices to support the child’s torso and pelvis safely. The different adjustable supports are fast and simple to regulate even with the child already in position. The tilt adjustment for trunk support and its wheels with friction and block system to allow the child to focus on walking make it the ideal choice to stimulate the child to learn the phases of walking naturally and in complete safety.

The physiotherapist's advice

Rollators have the function of stabilizing and supporting the child’s body. They offer the required support to walk, placing the child in facilitating postures for the advancement and stimulate the ability of space exploration, which is the essential aptitude for his maturation and learning. Then there are further strategies that an expert hand can introduce to facilitate even more the child’s movement and the progress with the rollator, as for example the inclination forward of the rollator. (…) These aids should be supplied at the right time in the rehabilitation process: a child cannot wait a year before receiving a walker he needs in a precise time of his growth and his rehabilitation. If this step is not done at the right time, the risk is that the opportunity of a functional walk is forever lost.


  1. The frame is stable and very robust. It has been designed with a specially designed shape for small children: the front of the product occupies minimum space allowing the child to get closer to a wall, to objects and to people, with no barriers in front of his eyes.
  2. The structure includes a thorax support, a safety saddle, a pelvis support: all these components allow the child to calmly lean on the walker where he can relax and concentrate on learning how to walk.
  3. The steering “handles” have independent settings on the right and on the left to be able to place the supports according to the child’s needs, to comply the utmost with any lower limb postures that are difficult to modify.
  4. The trunk support is tilt adjustable to encourage the static child to walk simply by changing the position of his center of gravity.
  5. The three front wheels are swivel and the central one features a direction block, useful in the initial phases of walk when steering control is secondary to the proper use of the lower limbs and strides. The rear rolling friction wheel is to contrast the posture of children who tend to push backwards rather than walking forwards.

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