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Stabilizer for erect standing
Robin is an aid specifically designed to be easily tailored and ready to use. Suitable for all situations where rehabilitation exercises with different users require “quick adjustments”. Its cheerful but not too noticeable design reflects Fumagalli’s philosophy in the design of aids: the child is the protagonist and the aid is only his trusty companion who helps him to experience every emotion fully!

Robin is a stabilizer for standing posture, available in two sizes for children from 3 to 14 years. The image of elegance and simplicity harmonizes with its ease of use together with its fast and simple adjustments which lead to a product that is safe, practical and immediately ready for use. Robin allows easy access both from the sitting position (wheelchair) and from the standing position, thanks to the platform situated at a very low level and to the special frame design, spacious in front to favor approach. The frame can tilt up to 30° with a crank mechanism with worm screw to reach the different inclinations gradually and smoothly. The knee, sacrum, pelvis and trunk supports are customizable and permit extremely precise adjustments. The footrest is adjustable in height and is completed by a pair of plates adjustable in depth, width, flexion-extension and intra-extra rotation. All the adjustments can be made without the use of tools to allow fast and safe settings. Robin is also available in the “complete” configuration that includes a postural unit for pelvis restraint.

Bright colors, rounded shapes and an innovative design make the product also attractive to the child who uses it.

Simple, practical and easy to adjust even with the child already standing on it; each adjustment can be made without the use of tools allowing the supports to be adapted to the child’s body so he feels well supported and safe while gradually achieving the standing position (Robin enables gradual inclination from 0° to 30°, even at full load!).

The padding is extremely soft and comfortable, the supports are ergonomically shaped so they do not get in the way and the frame is shaped to allow direct access from a wheelchair.

The table and the platform maintain the correct angle and functional during the tilt


  1. A robust frame, stable, easy to handle even in the largest size.
  2. Soft padding, extremely pleasant to the touch, easy to sanitize and ideal for several different users.
  3. All the adjustments can be made without tools for fast and secure settings.
  4. The knee supports are adjustable in height, width, angle and depth by means of a worm screw and are fixed on orbital joints to allow precise control of the various degree and inclination angles. The knee support is padded and has a central hole to reduce load pressure on the patella; furthermore, the lateral inserts are deformable for better contact with the medial and lateral part of the knee.
  5. Upon request, Robin can be supplied with a multipurpose, tilt adjustable wooden tray which is applied to the structure without the need for extra devices or use of tools.
  6. The foot platform is completed by a pair of plates adjustable in depth, width, flexion-extension and intra-extra rotation.
  7. Backrest adjustable in height, depth and reclining, with physiological fulcrum to allow an extension of the trunk more functional and comfortable.
  8. Small sliding wheels, fitted with brakes, enable easy transfers even when in use.

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Available Colours


Blue – Violet – Green – Orange

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