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VAT Relief

For UK and Ireland customers

If you qualify for VAT relief , simply state this at checkout and VAT will not be applied.

VAT exemption for disabled and chronically ill customers

Many products in our e-shop are available with VAT relief. This is however providing that the user of the product/products is an individual with a chronically illness or disability and the goods being purchased are designed to aid his/her illness or disability.

Only those products which are designed specifically to aid a disability or an illness can be VAT relief.

Where do I claim VAT relief?

Simply proceed to the check out. You must fill the box stating the reason for VAT relief and, if purchasing on behalf of someone else, the name of the person to which VAT exemption applies.

How do I claim VAT Relief?

In order to claim to claim a product with VAT relief, simply select the goods you wish to purchase and proceed to the check out. You will then be asked to state the nature of the claimants’ illness or disability.

Anybody can claim VAT relief on behalf of the disabled / sick person provided they state the claimants name at the declaration stage.

In the case of registered charities, please simply fill the form with charity name and address and your registered charity number.

Do I have to be registered disabled to claim VAT relief?

No, the individual does not have to be registered disabled. You must however have a disability and it must be connected to the product you are purchasing to claim relief.

Do I need a letter from my Doctor to claim VAT relief on medical products to help with my chronic illness?

No, we do not require a require a doctor’s note. You must however complete the declaration form at checkout.

Why am I being charged VAT on the carriage/postage charge?

Everybody has to pay VAT on shipping and carriage.

Further Information

If you have any queries on VAT relief for disabled or chronically ill persons, please visit the HM Revenue & Customs guide to VAT relief for disabled persons.

For International customers (non-EU)

VAT is a tax on goods used in the EU, so if goods are exported outside the EU, VAT isn’t charged. Therefore our products sold to international non-EU customers are zero-rated.

Please note that if an international (non-EU) customer asks for products to be delivered to a UK/Ireland address, we will then have to charge VAT.


We  deliver online sales on a DDU basis (Delivery Duty Unpaid). This means you may be liable for any local sales taxes or import duties which may be charged on the delivery of your order.

In some countries we can use HARMONIZED TARIFF CODES (HTS) – e.g. in US –  for orthopaedic and medical appliances, therefore import taxes and duties should be reduced to 0%. Nevertheless as customs might be a complex matter, we recommend you to contact a local customs clearing agency or governmental body.